Commercial Window Tinting

Window film has significant advantages in residential situations. When used commercially, the benefits are even greater. With larger expanses of glass in commercial buildings, window tinting provides comfort, energy savings, glare reduction, furniture protection, privacy, and improved street appearance, all without sacrificing your view.

In addition to traditional commercial tint solutions, Heat Wave Glass & Window Tinting offers cutting edge technology for ensuring privacy for customers and employees as more sensitive data finds its way onto digital screens in cubicles and the conference room.

Heat Wave provides a wide array of commercial window tinting solutions for businesses in Waco and the surrounding area!

Safety and security film

Safety and security films are specifically designed to increase the safety of your family, friends and employees while in your home or building. These products decrease your liabilities while increasing your peace of mind.

Solar control window film

Sun control film is one of the most effective measures you can take to make your home or office more comfortable and control energy costs. By stopping heat at the window, you lessen the demand on your cooling system.

Decorative window film

Decorative window film can be applied to windows, doors, mirrors, room dividers, skylights, and more. Adding decorative films to your home or building is an affordable and beautiful way to differentiate your property or simply express yourself.